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Below are answers to some common questions you may have about Breathing Retraining.

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Breathing Retraining is designed to help stay healthy and make sure that your breathing doesn't affect your life.

Breathing Freely was made by a team of doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and patients from the University of Southampton, that are interested in helping everyone to get healthier. You can find out more about them in the 'The Team' section under the FAQ main menu.

Breathing Retraining is about helping your breathing in a way that suits you. So it can take as little or as long as you want.

The Breathing Retraining team includes medically-trained experts who have designed it to help you. If you are still worried, you can always contact your doctor who will be happy to help.

The Breathing Freely program is designed to be completed by you, in a way that is convenient for you (in fact, the Breathe Study showed that the training worked just as well when support was offered by physiotherapists as when it didn't!). If you have technical difficulties, you can contact the Breathe Team using the contact details below. If you are having trouble with your asthma, ask your GP or asthma nurse for advice.

You can contact the Breathing Freely team on, or contact: Professor Mike Thomas, Primary Care and Population Sciences, Aldermoor Health Centre, Aldermoor Close, Southampton, SO16 5ST.